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Bestack Process

Standard ink for general use, quick dry formula

Bestack Process Soy M

High quality soy-oil based, non skinning

Bestack Process HS

High scuff resistance ink for matt art Paper

Bestack Process TMS

Prints on non-absorbent materials, very fast drying
(synthetic paper)

Star Soya Premier Process Ink

Standard quick dry, non-skinning ink

Bestack Dense Black

Higher Density

Bestack Gold

Reddish / Bluish

Bestack Silver VT

Fluorescent Ink

Orange, Yellow, Green, Red, Pink

MATT OP Varnish

Available in 0.9 KG packaging

High GLOSS OP Varnish

Less Yellowing, available in 0.9 KG and 4.5 KG packaging

Pantone Base Colours

All 13 colours ready made and to order


Bestcure UV 161

General use for paper, film, metallized, labels

Bestcure UV 161 GX

Economical series

Bestcure UV 161-LH

Low Halogen UV ink


Bestcure UV VP Series

Stronger Adhesion type UV ink for PP, PET, PVC, etc

Bestcure UV NVR Series

Excellent curing property, heat resistance, and high consistency

Bestcure UV Strong Resistance

Strong resistance UV inks for plastic cups by letterpress

Bestcure UV Anchor KW (Primer)

Primer for offset and letterpress systems

Toka UV Gold TK SO (Reddish / Bluish)

One component type UV gold ink for offset and  letterpress

Bestcure UV LED OFS – WS – M

General purpose. Excellent curability to the ultraviolet rays emitted by LED-UV irradiation devices

Bestcure UV Core Type D (LED)

For polyester and plastics (PP). Excellent curability to the ultraviolet rays emitted by LED-UV irradiation devices


Bestcure UV Standard Mixed Colours

UV Fluorescent (Flash)

Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green

Pantone S-LH

Often used for non-absorbent substrates

UV Flexographic Ink

UV Flexo MCS

General purpose use


Toka UV Coat Varnish HTA

High Gloss UV Varnish for coating unit

Toka UV Ink Duct Varnish Gloss

UV Gloss varnish for letterpress

Toka No. 6 UV L Carton OP V GW

All purpose UV curing OP varnish that is applicable to paper and aluminium paper

Toka UV HJK OP V K / G

For embossing process. Adhesiveness to upper layer is excellent and robust against scratch off

Toka UV Hakuri OP V UP-2

Release property, high heat and rub resistance

Toka UV Gloss OP V CP-3

Excellent gloss and rub, light and solvents resistance

Toka UV Matt OP V 3H

Excellent matt finishing

Additives (Normal)

Additives (UV)

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